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Hi, I'm Nanashi. This website is an exercise in my web development skills and a place for me to archive other personal projects or shitposts. I have been running it since late 2020. I also have a blog for documenting some of my little hiking adventures and occasional life rants. My recent foray into technology has opened up my eyes to a realm of infinite possibilities, only accessible by liberating yourself from your dependence on the proprietary services provided by most tech giants. Why rely on the system when you can do it for free and tailored to your particular needs?

Message of the Day

New year, new me? Of course not! I finally updated my blog after loads of procrastination. I'm going through lots of changes in my life currently, so expect infrequent updates. An epoch, the beginning of an exciting era. I'm really struggling to figure out what I should say here, if you couldn't tell. lol. Anyway welcome to my website, and I hope you enjoy the new banner and favicon. They're both labors of love made by a talented artist friend.


The best (and only) way to contact me is by email at: I will respond to most emails, assuming you're not pulling an epic prank and giving my email to naughty websites.